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Over the past four years the Media Development Foundation has delivered a profound impact on work of journalists and media professionals operating in Ukraine and the CEE region.



MDF Program Alumni

Over 800 early and mid-career journalists have participated in MDF’s education, exchange and internship programs.



Applications received

MDF programs consistently rank among the highest and most prestigious programs for journalists in Central and Eastern Europe



Partner media

MDF has a wide network of partner media, including 50 regional media in Ukraine, 20 Kyiv-based media, as well as leading media organizations across the region


Our Programs


Journalism Exchange Program

The Journalism Exchange Program gives young media professionals and recent graduates a chance to kickstart their careers through paid internships at leading newsrooms across Ukraine. Learn more…

School for Regional Journalists

The School for Regional Journalists provides trainings (editorial and managerial) and internships for experienced professionals, with a “train the trainer” model to boost skills at regional newsrooms. Learn more…

Journalism of Tolerance

Journalism of Tolerance focuses on coverage of LGBT+, minorities and other marginalized groups, including interviews with prominent social figures and editorial oversight for participants to write stories. Learn more…


The annual conference MezhyhiryaFest gathers top international investigative journalists, media professionals and researchers to share insights, best practices and debate pertinent issues. Learn more…

Regional Champions Accelerator

“Regional Champions” is an Executive MBA-style program for regional media CEOs/ Chief-editors combined with a start-up Accelerator program that puts enterprising media on a sustainable growth path. Learn more…

Hyperlocal Media Lab

The Hyperlocal Media Lab is an experimental effort aimed at supporting the development of local media in Ukraine and other low press freedom states, piloted with the launch of Dirigible in Yampil. Learn more…


October 2018

“For the first time in 10 years, media can hope for a better solution.”

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