Launching journalist careers

JEP participants receive a certificate upon completion of the program

JEP participants receive a certificate upon completion of the program

Journalism Exchange Program

JEP provides young media professionals and recent graduates (less than 5 years of experience) a chance to kickstart their careers through paid internships at leading newsrooms. Internships take place outside of the participant’s home region.

This allows them to learn about life in different regions, helps focus their efforts and provides an opportunity to work as an outsider – demonstrating the value of independent perspective. Regular interactions with both participants and newsrooms help identify key challenges faced by regional media outlets, as well as gaps in young journalism training.

A series of trainings is held for program participants, with emphasis on practical skills and best practices in line with the highest ethical standards.

Key facts and achievements:

  • Launched in 2014 with five cycles a year

  • 330 internships at newsrooms in Ukraine (7,000+ applications received)

  • 50 out of 70 partner media based outside of Kyiv

  • 40 trainings from leading journalists and media experts from the Media Development Foundation’s network

Yaroslava Drutsa (Ostroh) interned at MediaPort online newspaper in Kharkiv

Yaroslava Drutsa (Ostroh) interned at MediaPort online newspaper in Kharkiv

“From the start of the internship I realized everything is not as we imagine. I understood how things work and made many mistakes that helped me [learn]. Living in the unfamiliar city is a musthave experience for everyone who wants to leave their comfort zone and develop the ability to adapt. The Journalism Exchange Program is an ideal opportunity for all young and inexperienced people to gain useful professional and life skills”



Internships in Germany

A joint program between the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Magdeburg Open Channel and the Media Development Foundation provides Ukrainian journalists with an opportunity for a 2 month internship in Germany.

Magdeburg 2.JPG
Tetiana Monakhova

Tetiana Monakhova

“There are two theses with which it is difficult to argue: 1) practice makes perfect, and 2) it is difficult to imagine something better than a combination of useful and enjoyable.

The Media Development Foundation, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and the Offener Kanal Magdeburg, set up a truly unique, professional experience for journalists.

Two months internship at "Open Channel" in Magdeburg! In addition to exchanges of experience, new and useful contacts, immersion in the language and cultural environment, travel to Germany and attending stimulating events, this internship gives you a chance to talk with yourself. From each new trip you return to another person.

However, I spoke in Magdeburg not only with myself, but also with ours - citizens of Ukraine who live in Germany, have found their vocation, and have become examples of success.”