About us

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The Media Development Foundation (MDF) is a Center of Excellence and a Media Expertise hub focused on empowering journalists and media organizations.

We believe free and vibrant media are critical to social, economic and political development, especially in post-authoritarian states.

MDF uses its wide network partner media to kick-start promising young journalists’ careers and identify key gaps to address.

Meanwhile, by deploying our experts, industry experience, and the latest tools we work to make media strong, and help newsrooms find sustainable ways to grow. 

Our core objectives

  • Support excellence in journalism by developing the skills and capabilities of regional and national media organizations

  • Promote high ethical and professional journalistic standards by raising awareness of their importance and sharing best practices

  • Help journalists deliver real change by supporting impactful content and providing the training and resources to make themselves heard

  • Work with media organizations to develop new monetization models and grow in a sustainable and independent manner, and support the development of a media business ecosystem

  • Help media engage with stakeholders, notably public institutions and civil society, to improve governance and social well-being