Our community

Our projects are only possible owing to a community of like-minded friends, partners and supporters. We are grateful for all their help and belief in our shared values, aspiration for excellence and readiness to continue building free and vibrant media that will help society become stronger.

Shared values

Our success is based on belief in common goals. We work with sponsors and partner organizations that share our values, and require that partner media and program participants are respectful of others and maintain the highest ethical standards, including rejection of corruption.

Aspiring for excellence

We believe in setting ambitious goals and encourage our partner media and training participants to do the same. We do so by celebrating achievement and sharing examples of inspiring institutions and individuals.

Growing together

Where others see challenges we see opportunity. It is inspiring to see examples of people overcoming the odds or conventional wisdom and succeed: setting up a news outlet in their home town, investigating people in power or advocating for policy change to benefit their communities. We believe the core of our role is helping those individuals and providing them with the resources, knowledge and emotional support they need – and growing together!

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